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Anish Aggarwal

Computer Science, UWaterloo '25 | Schulich Leader '20

About Me

Hi, I'm Anish. Currently, I am a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo with a passion for Virtual Reality and Machine Learning.

I like teaching as I firmly believe that teaching helps solidify what I have learned.

The best way to learn is to teach
- Julius Oppenheimer

I am currently working on Reinforcement Learning AI applications with projects being uploaded to my youtube channel: AACodes.


Artificial Intelligence C++ C C# Unity Python Vue.js Virtual Reality Augmented Reality



Schulich Leader 2020 Governor General Award Des Cartes UWaterloo National Scholarship


Contact Me

import json
anish_data = {
  "name": "Anish Aggarwal",
  "age": 18,
  "from": "Windsor, Ontario",
  "occupation": "Computer Science Student",
  "location": "University of Waterloo",
  "contact-links": {
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "github": "",
    "linkedin": "",
    "devpost": ""
f_out = open("anish_data-7/17/2024.json", 'w')
json.dump(anish_data, f_out)